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Providing metal polishing solutions

We have given the shine to the entire range of products made up of Brass, Aluminium, Gold, Silver, Bakelite, Glass, Plastic and wood with our array of quality and multi purpose polish products. We are the pre-eminent manufacturers and exporters of multi purpose metal polishing compound, tripoli buffing compound, gold and silve polish etc. across the globe.

Brass Metal Polishing compound
Aluminium Metal Polishing Product
Gold Jewelry Polish
Silver Jewelry Polish
Bakelite Polish
Stainless Steel Polishing Product
Tripoli Buffing Compound
Dara Group of Companies is a sterling name in the industry with its quality polishing compounds and buffing compounds. We have been serving this industry for a long time and have developed a niche for our quality products on the platforms of utility and quality in the world of trade. We have solved every polish-related problem of the world with our array of quality polish products. We assure longevity and ultra shine to your product by applying our superior polish products.
Industrial Products :
Buffing and Polishing composition are used wherever cutting, polishing & finishing is required. It is widely used in stainless steel industries, cycle industries, aluminum industries. It is also used for finishing of watches, pressure cookers, utensils and jewellery.
Domestic Products :
The multipurpose liquid polish is used for cleaning any surface of metal, glass and bakelite. It is used in cleaning & polishing of brass, copper, aluminium, gold, silver, bakelite, EPNS articles and other handicraft items.
The business environment in which we operate is the one based on top-notch quality & a rock solid to deliver the results. We are committed to produce only quality products, incorporating stringent quality control system and testing the products at various level of production.
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